Manikin software for controlling a Thermal Manikin.



This website is dedicated the manikin software for controlling a Thermal Manikin manufactured by PT Teknik.

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Latest software

All downloads can be found in the download repository.

Download repository

Full installation

Use full installation if you are installing the manikin software for the first time, or if your current installation has been corrupted:

1. Download the file (where x.x.x is the latest available version) and save it in a temporary directory.

2. Unpack the file.

3. Run the file setup.exe and follow the instructions from the installation-program.

Please note: If you previously has installed a versions of the manikin software, it can be nessesary to uninstall this version before installing a new version.


If you already has installed the manikin software, and want to upgrade to the latest version, you just have to download the exe-file:

1. Download the file manikin.x.x.x.exe (where x.x.x is the latest available version)

2. Rename to the file to manikin.exe and place it in the manikin program folder (c:\program files\manikin or the folder you choosed at installation time).

Please note: The file should just replace the existing file with same name. You might want to save a copy of the existing file before overwriting it.


Click below to view the manual for the software (or right-click and choose save to get a copy).



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